Probably the best Aligner system in the world.

Aligners have been on the market for more than two decades and despite all progress in these years most systems still show deficits with regards to treatment possibilities and even more the treatment results. With fas you have an aligner system at hand that is looking at aligner treatments the way you would look at a traditional treatment with a fixed appliance. Within the fas system we evaluate the individual case. We assess what can be achieved and how it can be achieved. And we are honest enough to admit it if a case is exceeding the limits of what can be done with aligners.

Warranty: The warranty is oftentimes used as refinement after refinement because of bad treatment plannings or paused aligner treatments. Our goal of serious aligner treatments is to have a consistent treatment from beginning to the final new position of teeth and occlusion. The sophisticated diagnostics, Stop & Go Planning, and the focus on a stable occlusion should therefore reduce the requirement for refinements which is the reason we do not offer a guarantee for the treatments. The last phase before the Stop & Go or at the end of the treatment always includes an aligner set-up without attachments which should be used as a retainer to settle the occlusion.


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