Power Chain

RMO ENERGY CHAIN™ - world best power chain

Move teeth rapidly and efficiently with RMO®’s Energy Chain™ RMO®’s Energy Chain™ is the proven leader among all brands of elastic chain. Numerous universities and clinical researchers have shown that RMO®’s Energy Chain™ outperforms virtually all other elastic chains available. - see compaison test


  1. - Patented formula provides light continuous force for weeks
  2. - Independently tested and clinically proven performance can reduce appointment intervals and save valuable chair time
  3.  - Less stress decay and less elongation over time compared to other elastic chains available
  4. - Stain resistant and latex-free
  5. - All Energy Chain™ colors perform similarly to Gray and Clear
  6. - Availably in 4 different chain shape and apx. 4 meter long


GC Ortodontic Chain - a good choice

  1. Availably in 2 different chain shape Short and Long, apx. 4 meter long